Barry M Nail Art Pen Review

Barry M Nail Pen

Because plain nails are a thing of the past!

If you’ve seen my recent post Passionate about Pastels: Nice Nails you’ll know I’ve spent a lot of time loitering around the Barry M counter pawing over the pretty colours. I’ve just purchased the Barry M Nail Art Pen, and I’m a little bit addicted. So far I’ve only gone for the White one, but they also come in Pink, Silver and Black. Here’s what I thought of it:

How much does this cost?:
You can pick this up for £4.99 from your nearest Barry M counter, a great price for hours of arty fun, move over Van Gough!

How is it to use?:
The pen is about the width of a Sharpie, so it’s comfortable to grip and use. To start you give it a good shake, pump the tip to get the polish flowing and doodle! You need to give it a little shake from time to time but generally it lasts for quite a few nails at a time and definitely flows much smoother and neater than those which require squeezing. If you need to pump the pen to get the polish flowing, just do this onto a tissue and wipe any excess from the sides. The polish is a bit thinner than the nail polish beneath it so it doesn’t dry lumpy, and dries in less than a minute.

I’ve mastered creating French manicure tips, Polkadots and lines. I think the Polkadot is my favourite design. Unfortunately, I’m not ambidextrous and so if left to me, my hands would not have been very symmetrical. Luckily I persuaded my very kind boyfriend to assist with my right hand, and so for this I give credit to him!

I have tried the white to create Polkadot nails over a few colours; it is really effective over a vibrant red for a 50′s pin up look but it did need a second dabbing as the darker colour absorbs the white a bit making the dots look a little translucent.  However, the colour does work brilliantly over pastel shades. I used it over the Sugar Apple colour to create Polkadot nails. On my ring fingers I created a Tiffany’s box look, wrapped in a white bow (and creating a subtle hint to my boyfriend at the same time). Over the pastel colour just one application was fine and the white really stands out. A quick top coat to avoid chipping and you’re off, ready to dazzle and amaze people with your unique nails!

Would I buy this product again?:
Definitely. This pen is simple and quick to use and lasts a considerable amount of time. I give this a strong 8/10. I’ll try and create some more interesting designs and post them on Instagram.


barry m nail pen nail art

If you have purchased this, show me what designs you’ve come up with and what colours you’ve put together on Twitter @BeccasShopping or Instagram @beccasshoppingblog
I look forward to seeing them!

  • Sophie Smith

    Your nails are so pretty, I had a nightmare trying tips from Pinterest to do polka dots. They just smudged everywhere… I’m definitely going to try this though it looks much easier!

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