Passionate about Pastels: Nice Nails!

Barry M Gel Nail Polish Review

To reflect the happiness this lovely weather brings, I think pastels are just perfect; they’re refreshing yet calming, they also really stand out against tanned skin.  For nice nails, this summer, I highly recommend Barry M Gelly Nail Polish. These Gel Polishes are cute in colour, but tough in texture.

I’ve purchased a few of their beautiful new shades so far, and will be heading back for more. The colours I’ve collected so far include; “Prickly pear” (lilac), “Green Berry” (pale minty green) “Pink” (coral), “Rose Hip” (pale pink) “Sugar Apple” (a pale Tiffany’s blue) and “Dragon Fruit” (brighter pink) which isn’t really a pastel shade but it is very pretty and summery. I think I’d like to see a shade of Lemon next summer, but they definitely already have enough colours to choose from.

This polish is a little thicker than normal polish, due to the list of ingredients with long names, but this means it paints on like a dream. I still apply two coats just to be sure that my coverage is even and to maximise the glossiness. This plus a top coat lasts me for around 5 days  before it chips and keeps it’s beautiful glossy shine throughout that time.

How much does this cost?:
At £3.99 each, and often on a 3 for 2 offer at places such as Boots or Tesco, and with so many colours to choose from, you can afford to have them all!

Would I use this product again?:
I’d definitely stick with the Gelly range, and recommend you to try them and take part in the how many days can you stay chip free challenge!

Have you tried these polishes? How long did you stay chip free for? Show me your favourite colours on Twitter @BeccasShopping or Instagram @beccasshoppingblog


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