This week’s Make Up buys: They’re Real! Mascara

My second purchase of the week!

They’re Real! Benefit Mascara. they're real benefit mascara bblogger


I was always really happy with my thick and fast by Soap and Glory, but I’ve been waiting so long to try this partly because I love Benefit as a brand but also it’s received so much publicity, it’s been really hyped up. My eyelashes aren’t as lovely and long as I’d like, so I guess part of me was secretly hoping they’d make it look like I was wearing false lashes, but disappointedly, it didn’t.





Priced at £19.50 it’s a tad more expensive than what I’d usually spend. It’s packaged in a mirrored metallic tube which is cool and kind of futuristic looking, it could even double up as a mini emergency mirror. Most Benefit products come in pretty girly packaging but the They’re Real products are in black packaging to emphasis the drama these products promise. Along the side of the packaging it has positive statistics about the product to emphasise why it’s so popular and well known, such as 100% of consumers reported seeing long lasting results.

The mascara is very thick, but isn’t gloopy or clumpy; it says to apply generously but it really doesn’t need more than two coats. The wand is different to the one with my other mascara, it’s less comb like and is covered in little spikes; this helps the mascara cling to the littlest of lashes, especially on my under eye lashes, where I find it really separates them and make them stand out which my S&G mascara doesn’t achieve. I found giving the wand a little wiggle did achieve a lift in my eyelashes, which the packaging said 94% of consumers had, but unlike the 90% who saw a base to tip curl, I didn’t.

The colour is really intensely black which makes them look dramatically thicker but not necessarily longer. The super dark contrast of the mascara works well with the lighter colours of my eyes. It does last all day; as promised it doesn’t flake off although I personally did find my eyelashes to start to look a little dry and brittle throughout the day.

benefit they're real mascara bblogger

The downside to the mascara is that I find it it actually to be a little stubborn to remove. Benefit do sell a They’re real remover, but that costs almost as much as the mascara, so unless I was going to commit to this long term, I probably wouldn’t invest.

Things I like about the product:

  • The packaging/ metallic gun metal tube
  • The mascara wand and how it clings to the smallest of lashes
  • The thick jet black colour

Things I’m not so keen on:

  • It’s a little stubborn to get off
  • It’s a little more expensive than I’d normally spend on a mascara

I score this: 8/10. I do really like the mascara, it’s intense black colour works with my black long lasting liquid eyeliner and I do love the Benefit brand so much, but I don’t think anyone will accuse me of wearing false lashes any time soon and for the price, I’m afraid it won’t be an essential in my make up bag.

Would I recommend this product?: Certainly, I’d encourage any fans of the Benefit brand, or anyone who wants a long lasting mascara for a special occassion to try it.

  • gcmiles17 .

    Good review. I love this mascara personally, but with heaps of new drugstore brand mascaras out at the moment, it may be a while before I re-purchase. Gemma x

    Beautiful Life as I know it

    • Becca

      Thanks Gemma, I’m glad someone feels the same! I do love it but it’s not the best mascara I’ve ever used and when you think how regularly you need to replace it, the cost will soon add up. X

  • Amy’s Corner

    This mascara is one of my favourites, it’s just a shame about the price as there are some more affordable drugstore ones out there. A good one for a nice occasion though ;)

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