Pore-fect! Maybelline Baby skin Instant Pore Easer Review.

Maybelline Baby skin Instant Pore Easer I originally bought this product on whim because it’s packaging in my favourite colour caught my eye as I was dashing through Boots.
I had tried various cream primers over the years which leave my make up feeling “caked on” and make my pores look more noticeable. With this product being a silicone based primer, I thought I would try something new. I’ve heard of a few silicone based primers before; including Benefit Pore-fessional and Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, but as they were a little pricey, I didn’t think to try them in case I had the same issues. Now I have learned how amazing silicone primers are, I’d happily try these products to see how they weigh up against Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.

How much does it cost?: Maybelline Baby skin costs a very reasonable £7.99.

How does it feel?: To start, this primer is clear and lightweight. You only need a small amount which spreads far and thinly, leaving my skin feeling soft, and looking smooth; as promised on the bottle, like that of a baby!

Does it work?: For me, I’d definitely say my pores looked smaller and more “blurred”. My skin at times can be a little oily, yet this primer doesn’t make it feel at all greasy and certainly doesn’t make it shiny. When I wear foundation over the top, the thin silkiness of the primer means my foundation simply glides over and looks flawless, instead of looking heavy and caked on. Some days I will wear the primer on its own with no foundation.

Would I recommend this product?: Definitely.  It’s well priced and it does as it promises;  soft, flawless skin for hours. To emphasis how soft and silky my skin feels, I’ve photographed it laying on a bed of marshmallows, ahhh. Thanks for the erased pores Maybeline. 9/10!

Have you tried Baby skin instant pore eraser yet? Let me know how you found it! Or do you use a different silicone based primer? If so, which one? Contact me on Twitter @BeccasShopping or Instagram @beccasshoppingblog

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