This week’s Make Up buys: MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette

This week I bought two new pieces of make up whilst running what was meant to be a very quick errand. Both were products I’d wanted for a while because I’d heard so much about them; MUA’s Heaven and Earth eyeshadow palette and Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara. I started making a joint post until I realised I had quite a bit to say about each so I’ve split them over two posts instead!

mua eyeshadow pallette Heaven and eartn

MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow palette

The first thing I love about this product is the price, £4 for 12 shadows! That’s incredible value for money. I’ve been looking at the Urban decay palettes for a while but just can’t justify the cost, so I think this is a really good alternative. The packaging is simple which help to keep the cost down and the simple clear lid just shows what’s inside, so it does me just fine.

I’ve heard lots about MUA before, my friend who is a make up artist uses this at her work. I love natural colours, so this “Heaven and earth” palette offers a range of 12 warm, bronze shades which work with my olive skin and dark hair to create a glow around the eyes making them stand out.

They range of shimmery colours blending a mix of  golds and soft browns which take my look from day to night. My favourite shades are Golden Sands and Tectonite. I was going to do a swatch test, but because my arms are quite tanned, especially compared to my face, I thought it wouldn’t really do the shadows justice. The shadows themselves are silky, shimmery and feel really light on your skin. You don’t need a lot of the shadow either, it goes quite far, which you can wear it as it is for a more subtle look or build more layers for a darker more vibrant colour.

I prefer to apply the shadows with a brush rather than the sponge applicator provided as I find it helps me to build colour. They all seem to blend so easily and so well together to make your own shades, I love using golden sands at the top of my eyelid, and the darker shades like Bedrock at the bottom to blend off from my dark eye liner. I also love that on my eyes it lasts all day without needing to reapply. Now, I’m no expert when it comes to eyeshadows, so forgive me! but today I’ve blended Amber dunes on top with Valley along the eyelashes which can be seen in my post on They’re real mascara, here.

The colours are as follows:  (Row 1): Aurora, Amazonian Bronze, Babylon (Row 2): Rift, Amber Dune, Catacomb (Row 3): Myan Dust, Valley, Golden Sand (Row 4): Tectonite, Canyon, and Bedrock.



Things I love about this product:

  • Easy to blend and apply – all the colours work well together
  • Can be used for both day and night looks
  • Great price
  • Good for creating warm, smokey eyed looks

I score this: 9/10. It’s really hard to fault this product, I’m so impressed with the quality and the price, it’s made it into my essentials in my make up bag.

Would I recommend this product?: Yes, definitely. I now really want the undressed palette too…


  • Natalie Morgan

    Wow! Doesn’t seem a reason not to pick this up @ £4! I’ve seen similar from Maybelline NY out in the US called the ‘The Nudes’ palette, looks like this could be coming our way too! Exciting times for affordable palettes.

    Loving your blog :) followed on bloglovin’

    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

    • Becca

      I know! I actually had reservations because of the price but I think you could pay double and have the exact same quality! I’ve never really bought eyeshadow before but it seems much cheaper to buy palettes than individual ones! I love maybelline so I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for that! X

  • Amy’s Corner

    I adore MUA eyeshadow palettes, they’re so good! I have both the Undressed and Undressed Me Too palette and for their price, they’re my go-to shadows!

    • Becca

      Amy I really want the undressed palettes but they didn’t have them in store! Now I’ve seen how nice the shadows are I’d probably just order them online.xx

  • Rachael

    I always look at the MUA palettes and never end up picking them up. The colours are so lovely and if they blend together well I may have to run to my local Superdrug and pick it up before I move to Vancouver on Saturday!

    Rachael at

  • Charlie Dean

    I just nominated you to take part in the Liebster Award Tag!

    Much Love x

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