Mixing Foundations!

Not sure if anyone else does this – but lately I’ve been mixing my two foundations and finding much better results! Just in case it wasn’t something you’d tried yet, I thought I’d mention it!

Now I hate trying new foundations, my skin colour is pale yet olive, and so I either find them way too pale or too orangey, it’s very rare I find a perfect match, so when I find one that suits my skin colour and doesn’t make my skin look oily, I stick with it until it discontinues!

I love my Estee Lauder double wear; it makes my skin look flawless – however it’s a tad expensive and I don’t find it’s coverage goes very far without using quite a lot, so I only really wear it on weekends or going out as it does always lasts the whole day. In the day for work I use Max Factor lasting performance, it works well with my skin tone but usually only lasts for the first couple of hours, by lunch time it looks like I’m not wearing any. The foundation however is great because you don’t have to use much to get a lot of even coverage.

So the last couple of weeks I’ve been mixing a bit of both together, rather than applying two separate layers,  I just dab half the amount of what I’d normally use together, and then mix them with my brush. Because I don’t use more than my normal amount, it means my make up doesn’t look thick or caked on. Before I would put a coat of powder on top of my day foundation to make it last a bit longer, whereas since mixing my foundations I haven’t needed to!

However, what it does mean is that I get the best of both worlds everyday now; the Max factor spreads far and creates a lovely base, but with the added colour and long lasting effects of the the Estee Lauder. It’s definitely a noticable difference and I much prefer it to using either of the foundations on their own.

max factor estee lauder

Do you have a foundation you only wear for evenings/ going out? If so, would you try mixing it with a day foundation to see if it gives you a different look?

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