What I’ve been up to lately!

I know I keep saying how busy I am, and with most of my shopping being Christmas presents that I cant post about it I thought I’d share exactly what I’ve been up to lately!

I’ve been making:


Christmas cards for all the besties! It tok me absolutely hours of folding but I was really pleased with them, I just wish I didn’t have s many close friends! Although it’s more time consuming and costly than buying pre made cards, I like my loved ones to know they’re special to me, and I think this is a good way to show it!

Gift tags for the finishing touches to my presents, and they match the cards too!



and I’ve been baking:

I baked a Pecan Pie! As it’s thanksgiving next week I thought I’d make a Pecan pie (one of the many desserts usually consumed on thanks giving!) Warning this is calorific for those on pre Christmas diets! If anyone would like the recipe just email me!

Pecan pie home made blogger


I’ve also been redecorating but that’s not as exciting!

  • http://amyscornerblog.blogspot.co.uk Amy’s Corner

    Those Christmas cards are ace!! How did you do them?! And that Pecan Pie looks delish! :)
    A xx


    • Becca

      Thank you my lovely! I made them by cutting 3 equal triangles, folding each one in half and then sticking the edges of the middle triangle to one half of the outer triangles (if that makes sense?) I then stuck the outer edges to the card and it made this triangle shape! Thank you! The pie was tasty but I couldn’t manage much of it! xx

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