Universal Studios and Seaworld

Last post about the theme parks we visited! (although still so many more aspects to write about!)

Aside from Disney, we also ventured to Universal studios which was a great park for providing a good balance for both children and adults, and a little less soft, magical and polite than Disney. With rides such as Terminator 2 (which was awesome!) Transformers and Simpsons, lots for the boyfriend to enjoy, but I really enjoyed it too.

We loved the Terminator ride, a 4D experience which cleverly mixes actors on stage (with good use of lighting and miming) darting into the screen with actual pre shot footage starring Arnie, back onto the stage to fight the bad guys, with a 4D cold gusts of wind around the auditorium, and at one point you end up getting rained on a little (it was very cold!).

Another ride I loved was called Disaster Movie, where you’re “starring” in a Movie for Chrisopher Walken, which involved a few select audience members to take on additional roles, before embarking on a tram ride in the NY Subway, when the tram starts rocking, the lights go out, there’s fire and then a huge gush of water towards you! At the end you get to watch what would be the most terribly edited disaster movie of all time, it was hilarious.

In Springfield we got to visit Moe’s, Krusty Burger and Duff beer. We got to travel under the sea into a Pineapple, and met Spongebob during a parade! I also got picked out of a crowd to meet Optimus Prime from Transformers because of my T shirt with him on (even on holiday my outfits are carefully chosen!)

It’s worth mentioning the new addition this year, Harry Potter world, which for anyone who is a fan, I say definitely go and see it. Although I am not, a massive Harry Potter fan, my brother PJ is and so I loved this on his behalf. The sets were incredible, realistic and grand enough for anyone to appreciate. In Universal there’s London Kings Cross (a great replica!) where you can then get the train to Island of Adventure, to be transported to Hogmeade with Hogwarts dominating the sky line. There are roller coasters, rides but also for fans a very cool shop that sells Wands for each character which interacts with items in shop windows around the village, making everyone a wizard!

universal-montage-two universal-montage


Checking in here on Facebook proved to be a little controversial with people who started the debate on Orca’s in captivity; but I went here as a child and loved it, so wanted to revisit. This year marks Seaworld’s 50th anniversary!

It was probably the smallest out of all the parks we visited so we didn’t spend a full day here, which was a nice change as we were pretty knackered and it did offer me an experience very close to my heart - Dolphins. Overall I came face to face with dolphins three times, in a show for them to showcase their extreme talents with acrobats and birds too! I then got to watch them happily swim around in the dolphin nursery, watched them get fed, and then in the dolphin cove had the opportunity to feed them myself which was amazing. I’d love to swim with them one day.

We had the opportunity to feed and stroke sting rays too so that was nice to get closer to animals than we have before.

feeding dolphin sea world


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    So excited reading this – we’ll be at Universal in about four weeks’ time

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    Words cannot descibe my jealousy!


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