The emotions of clearing out your wardrobe!

I apologise for the lack of posting lately, I’ve been fighting a nasty virus, then I’ve been laptop-less, and redecorating the house! Absolutely hectic!

This is just a quick post about my painstaking task the other weekend of clearing out my wardrobe, it just started to get so full that when I would get something off a hanger, it would catch and knock other stuff off their hangers too! So I thought enough was enough.

People joke about how many clothes I have, my boyfriend says that I actually could open up my own shop; I have one section dedicated just to dresses, one dedicated to tops and jumpers, I have a floor to ceiling cupboard of shoes and then a chest of drawers for Jeans. And yet I still never have anything to wear?

I admit that I have a problem with overbuying and identifying when I have too much of something, but it’s something I’m working on controlling. For example when I go to Primark and I find myself holding 8 dresses and 4 tops I ask, which ones do I really need or really want, and which ones am I just buying for the sake of it?

Now, I admit I’m awful at overbuying clothes, but I’m also awful for clinging onto them-worse than bodycon!  I shop so often I always find there are pieces I haven’t yet gotten round to wearing; just last year I bought two dresses for a wedding- neither got worn and still haven’t been to this day! What started as a mission to make some space in my wardrobes actually turned into a rollercoaster of emotion! It was tough, brutal in fact.

It made me feel guilty for wasting my had earned money, but holding onto them for years doesn’t change the fact they’ve already been bought! Some things were as small as a size 8, which I very much am not and haven’t been for some time! Other things weren’t really to my taste any more. So, one by one I picked them out, held them up in the mirror and asked myself, do I really need this anymore?

Some items brought back hilarious memories of fun nights out with friends, others produced flash backs to disasterous dates, a specific dress that was a present from an ex boyfriend, which made me reflect for a minute on what once was. My fashion sense through university brought back memories of a time in a far away land, Sheffield and made me think, I should really return there soon!

The more I put into the “to go” pile, the more therapeutic it started to feel. Some things that I hadn’t worn for a while but couldn’t bring myself to let go of yet I put into Vac bags, and then I’ll face them another time, at least they’re not taking up as much room anymore.

I even made a song up as I did it to the theme of ‘Let it go’ but changed it all about letting go of clothes! Anything to make the process less painful.

I know a lot of people Ebay old clothes to make a penny or two, but I chose to donate mine to charity, as there are some people less fortunate, who don’t get to go on wild spending sprees. I filled two large charity bags and wrote about my achievement on Facebook, when it was over, I felt relieved, proud and less cluttered. Many of my friends on Facebook said they should really do the same, one friend said they hadn’t thrown anything away since uni 4 years ago! Which made me realise it isn’t just me that hoards clothes!

Everything looks much tidier and less cluttered now, and I can actually see what I’m picking! I have however bought… quite a few new pieces… but let’s skim over that, this leads me to ask, when’s the last time you cleared out your wardrobe? Do you often do it or like me do you hoard? Do you throw your clothes away, give them to charity or sell them?

  • Amy’s Corner

    It’s always hard trying to clear down your clothes so well done! And it’s great that you gave them to charity too :)

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