Lady Gaga at the O2.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted, I have lots lined up, I just keep not having a chance to add the final photos to finish the posts! Such a pain!

So on Saturday, I saw Lady Gaga at the London O2. Wow. Just Wow!

I know many people think she’s a bit like marmite, which if that’s the case- I absolutely love her. I find her inspiring, her ability to show her quirkiness proudly; after all if we were all the same we’d be boring. She’s extremely creative and talented and said some wonderful things to encourage people with interests in all art forms to aim for the stars and don’t be afraid of who they are and what they love! I also love that she does not give a damn what people say or think, she stands up for something I believe very strongly in – loving and being who you are, no matter whether it conforms or not!

As expected there was a beautiful set, lots of confetti exploding from above, several costume and wig changes, energetic dancing and an exceptional vocal performance. I was standing, fairly close to the piano, but she really made good use of all the stage so people could see at any given point.

Unfortunately she only gave us a snippet of Edge of Glory, and didn’t play Hair (one of my favourites) but she did have a lot of great hits to fit into a two hour window! She did perform a whole range of her classics including Love Game, Poker face and Judas to her newer songs like Venus, Applause and closing the show with Gypsy. With the release of her latest album Cheek to Cheek just the other week, she gave us a cover of Bang Bang.

A poignant moment in the gig, which again reminded me so much of why I love her, was that she had a teddy bear and a note thrown at her from a fan, who had been suffering cervical cancer. She invited the fan on stage, and told her how proud she was of her bravery and how much she hopes she fights this thing. She then let the woman sit by her side as she performed Dope (beautifully may I add) and dedicated it to her. You could tell from her face and tears how much it meant to her, at that moment every applause, whistle and tear shed was for that girl, and Gaga encouraged it.

I didn’t stop dancing for two hours, and despite being absolutely boiling in my blonde wig, I managed to keep it on! It was by far the best gig I’ve been to in so long, and wish I could see it all again! I’m an even bigger fan after seeing her live than I was before!

Lady Gaga if you ever read this, please can I go  to every gig you ever perform at. Thanks!

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Me (left) and my friend Aimee (right) rocking the blonde wigs for Gaga!

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