Becca’s Disney Adventure – Pt 2

One of my favourite theme parks which we visited twice Hollywood studios!

It was made up of everything that I love, 50′s theme, Star Wars, Disney!

As Frozen is absolutely everywhere at the moment they were handing out Olaf fans and had a Frozen sing along show which was amazing, I’ve never sang so loud in all my life!

There was a great mix here of exciting rides like the Aerosmith Rock n Roller coaster Tower of terror, two stunt shows and some more laid back shows like the Muppets 3D Show and the great movie ride. We went on everything!

We loved the  Star Tours ride, a simulator through Tatooine, Ewok village then Hoth, with C3P0 as your captain! As massive star wars fans it was incredible graphics with the genuine music and character voices, the gift shop afterwards was filled with goodies too!

The studio backlot tour was good too, which takes you on a tram ride through a studio when suddenly there’s an explosion and a gushing of water coming towards you! I particularly liked an indoor exhibit called One Man’s Dream, talking all about Walt Disney, his childhood, how he became the man we know, his trials and tribulations, creations and dreams. He was pioneering for animation, and had he been given longer on this earth would have created even greater things! It gave us a real insight into the man who created so much of our beloved childhood memories.

The Tower of Terror was so much more frightening than when I was 10! It’s an amazing setting though, really makes you feel like you’re in the creepy old hotel, and as you edge towards the ghosts beckoning you, you’re shot into the air where the doors open and you see a shot of the entire theme park! The photo they take of you right before it happens was hilarious, everyone looked like we were about to wet themselves.


As a fan of classic films, the great movie ride had used very clever animatronics to create scenes from the Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, and Mary Poppins. Outside this ride were hand prints of the rich and famous, including Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Steve Martin and Audrey Hepburn (my hands are the same size as hers!).


In the evening we had a meal at the sci fi diner – the tables were in the form of a Cadillac, it was made to look and feel like you were actually outside at night under the stars with a huge projector showing 50′s sci fi b-movie clips and adverts.


Magic Kingdom – The place of pilgrimage for all princesses!

The Iconic castle as you walk through Main Street USA just makes your heart fill with delight, everyone is here is happy, polite and everything is an whimsical as you’d imagine it to be. We did make the mistake of visiting here on a Saturday, which meant the park was rammed, ride waiting times were averaging between 60-90 minutes, which in the heat feels like forever. We still made an effort to go on as many rides as we can, but still really enjoyed walking around, going on the steam train around the park to soak up all the sights.

My favourite rides here was the Haunted Mansion, which used clever and innotive techniques to make the ride interesting yet spooky enough to be exciting for adults as well as children. I also loved the Voyage of the little mermaid, a slow ride in a clam shell under the sea on a journey with all the favourite songs, coming face to face with Sebastian and Ursula, to celebrate Ariel and Eric’s wedding at the end!

disney-castle-2   mickey-minnue

The firework show at 10pm called Wishes was incredible - mixing Disney’s iconic music, images and sound clips in perfect time with the lighting and fireworks. One section with Genie from Aladin made me feel a lump in my throat a little, but I haven’t been that mesmerised by such a fantastic display since I was very young, it did make me feel like a kid again.

disney-day-to-night disney-2

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