Becca’s Disney Adventure! – Pt1

There’s so much to write about my holiday that I didn’t know how best to break it down! The parks, the food, the shopping! So here is the first post of a collection! I’ll try keep them brief but feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to hear more!

Firstly, I feel like it’s worth mentioning how beautiful the weather was in case anyone is thinking of going. September is still summer in Florida and marks the end of hurricane season (although it’s called the Sunshine state for a reason), the best way to describe the weather is tropical; very hot, humid, with spontaneous thunderstorms with no warning. We were lucky in that we only had 2 days that had a singular sporadic shower, which only lasted about 5 minutes, and the other 2 days it rained it was at night whilst we slept, although the thunder sure did rumble! In the states they record their temperature in Fahrenheit, now I don’t know the conversion to Celsius but every time I saw a thermometer it was over 100F, wowzas!

I’m going to start by writing about the parks which in itself will be broken down by a few posts because there were so many – more parks than days!

I would go and work in any of the Disney parks tomorrow if I could, where it’s perfectly normal to walk around singing Disney songs, wearing huge Minnie Mouse ears in the sunshine.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We went here on the first day of our trip, as I love animal parks and animal conservation, and at 500 acres, this is actually one of the largest animal parks in the world! Hidden in the park is a stunning, 50 foot wide artificial tree, carved with beautiful animals.

It felt like you’d been transported to another world rather than a theme park, areas were split into different sections - Africa, Asia, Dinoland. Each area had restaurants and gift shops to match the theme. We spent a lot of time walking, there was so much to see!

The African section was my favourite – set in a fictional African village, where we went on an incredible Safari ride- it’s stunning scenery makes you completely forget you’re in the centre of Florida! Allowing you to get close to some beautiful animals including Hippos, Crocodiles, Giraffes, Rhinos and Elephants. After the Safari we went through a forest trail to see Monkeys, Gorillas Meerkats and more!

I even got to meet a couple of cheeky chipmunks by the names Chip and Dale!

chip n dale disney


animal kingdom disney



 I remember visiting Epcot when I was very young, but did not remember at all how amazing it was. We could have really made two days of this but ran out of time; one half on the future world, one half at the world showcase- you can travel through 11 countries in one day all built around a 1.2 mile man made lake.

This park was Walt Disney’s design of how the world would look in the future. At the time of being built this was the world’s biggest construction project – symbolised by the iconic giant “golfball” that greets you at the entrance – which actually has a very cool ride called Spaceship Earth inside that takes you on a journey narrated by the lovely Dame Judi Dench through the years celebrating human and technological achievement – from the beginnings in Ancient Greece to the Moon landing and beyond.

We also went to watch Michael Jackson’s Captain EO – originally from the 80′s which ran until 1996, this had been brought back in 2010 as a tribute to the late king of pop, and seemed really popular. It’s a 3D show where Michael Jackson and his buddies dance battle through space to turn to evil queen into a beautiful woman, she just needed someone to make her realise all along.  The 3D technology even though revamped a little makes you struggle to focus at times, but the music and dancing is fantastic, a must for any fans!

There was absolutely loads of family friendly rides as opposed to rollercoasters or thrilling rides (although it does have a simulator style rides through space) but nevertheless they were all really enjoyable. I myself prefer a good experience over high speed thrilling rides.

The Epcot fireworks at night were spectacular, really breathtaking. They were in the centre of the lake, in the centre of the world section so people could watch them for whatever country they were in. We watched them from Italy – from the Venetian bridge. It was very romantic. The fireworks was themed around Reflections of Earth, a large rotating globe which displays images of people and places.


epcot fireworks

epcot fireworks disney


Have you  been to Animal Kingdom or Epcot? What did you think? Or if you want to ask any questions – or want to see more photos, just let me know!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of my holiday!

  • Amelia

    looks like you had a great time! Good post :)

    • Becca

      Thanks Amelia! I absolutely loved it! Part 2 is being posted tomorrow :) xx

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