Why I Regretted Wearing Fat Pants Today.

Today was a gorgeous day, 23 degrees, sunny with enough of a breeze to not feel uncomfortable. My OOTD consisted of a blue and white polka dot dress from ASOS, white tennis shoes from Primark, a brown belt and brown shoulder bag. I wore my outfit with beachy waves created by wrapping my hair loosely around my curling wand and then tousling it. I also decided to get my legs out because I had tried my new self tanning purchase (which I’ll post about this week) and it was a success, I did not look like I’d been Tangoed.


Dress: Asos. Shoes and bag: Primark

My dress is a skater dress; my favourite cut of dress, in at the waist and out over my larger than life hips. Now I don’t know about you, but sometimes there are days where I don’t like a certain thing about myself. Today is was my lower back/ muffin top area. Even though Skater dresses begin to flick out over this area, I felt like you could see them.

Now at some point, during a past impulsive shopping spree, I’ve acquired not one but three pairs of “fat pants” after colleagues of mine telling me that they wear them everyday and couldn’t live without them. Although I’ll never wear a skin tight dress, I’d heard they’re good for just wearing under normal fitting clothes too so thought it might be a good idea for maybe a night out. Until now they’ve sat in my drawer, saved for fashion emergencies, for days like today. So I thought I’d give them a try.

Today I learned that 23 degree weather isn’t the time to wear underwear that covers more skin than need be. The tight cocoon of nylon and spandex wrapped about my body was making me feel hotter than the sun, and every time I sat down such as in the car, I felt like my stomach was being sat on. Obviously this is the point of them, to hold me in, but I don’t think I liked feeling so restricted, especially as I was hungry but the thought of eating and being full in these put me of, so I guess they’re quite handy for dieting.  I wasn’t in pain, but I wasn’t overly comfortable to want to wear them for any longer than the 2 hours I was out for.
How  I could ever wear these on a night out when it’s hot and drinking (which bloats me)… I don’t think I want to ever try it to know.

I did feel much slimmer and I loved the way they smoothed off my edges, so I would definitely try them again next time, but just not on a sunny Saturday in August. For now, in this lovely heatwave, I shall just have to embrace my wobbly bits!

Oh, and the cherry on top of the Fat Pants wearing cake? The lovely breeze I was so thankful for caught my dress, I had a total Monroe moment which resulted in a horrified young man seeing my massive pants.

This is why I regretted wearing Fat Pants today.


I’m curious to know if any of you wear fat pants? If so which parts of you do you try and cover? Do you wear them in the day and/or in the night? Do I have to just get used to wearing them? 

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