Today’s vintage inspired outfit with a £1 dress.

Today I went to a 1940′s tea room (I travel the country visiting various ones so if you know of any, tell me!) so I thought I’d wear a 40′s inspired dress.In the 40′s after the war, the hem lines rose to knee length, softer, pretty colours came back in fashion (duller coloured fabrics used during the war) and would tuck in at the waist.

This one is a cute grey and pink floral tea dress, it comes in at my waist and then flows over my tummy and hips, the areas I most like to hide. I teamed it up with leggings because I was chilly, a leather jacket and my latest Ted Baker bag, mixing the vintage with the modern.

A couple of lovely ladies told me upon entering the tea shop that they really liked my dress, as did a couple of lovely ladies on twitter. I thanked them, and revealed it only cost me £1 which they couldn’t believe!

vintage dress bblogger

So how did I bag such a lovely dress for such little money? Well, I work in an office which is mainly women, we’re all of a similar age and we do vary in sizes. One day we all decided to bring in a couple of bits we have bought but never worn or used, such as new nail polishes but then changed our minds or clothes we’ve bought in the wrong size/ couldn’t be bothered to take back. As we were doing it for a bit of fun, we did silly prices like 20p, 50p and a pound, but had I seen this dress in the stores, I would have paid about £20 for it, so I definitely came out a winner!

So maybe if you’re looking to add a few new pieces your wardrobe on an iddy biddy budget, why not organise a fun bring and buy session with your work friends or girl friends? If you know their wardrobe well you could even request certain items or cheekily just check if they still wear them? You never know, it’s loads of fun and we all came away with a few new bits!

So that’s the story of my £1 vintage inspired dress! (Sorry for the less than great quality of the images I had used my phone)

dress vintage bblogger ted baker bag

Keep me posted and let me know if you organise an event and how it goes! 

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