The High Waisted Bikini.

It’s that time of year where everyone jets off for a week in the sun, which in my experience is then when Britain experiences a heatwave and I return to constant rain for the next few weeks. Some people have strict pre holiday rules, such as “no carbs before marbs” or religiously visit the gym to get in shape. Unfortunately for me, even though I always think this sounds like a great idea, when it comes to it I end up actually eating more than I did before?! Fear not. For the perfect bikini body is not the be all and end all.

I love the 1950′s era for fashion, as high waisted clothing is perfect for fitting on my waist and skimming over my hips, making my “muffin tops” magically disappear. So for my holiday I have packed some blue faded high waisted shorts (New look £14.99) but what shall I do when it’s time to strip off to swim?! Like a guardian angel, the High waisted Bikini appears.

I purchased this beautiful Nautical striped halter neck bikini top complete with denim high waisted bikini bottoms from Primark. This bikini is award our Bargain bikini title as the top was just £4 and the bottoms £5. The bottoms come to the bottom of my waist and make my legs look longer, they’re also really comfortable. Now I don’t have to worry about trying to breathe in!

There are a few others floating around too that are worth a look see:
The Pretty one: River Island have this beautiful pink Pacha Floral bikini which is made up of some absolutely stunning colours of pinks, blues and reds. The bottoms are £14 and the top is £20. The top is of a bustier style, with moulded cups for comfort, comes a little lower to cover up the top of your waist and has a gold zip down the front. It is however hand-wash only.

Becca loves: This one is on my Becca’s shopping wishlist, as the colours, pattern and style are everything I love. Topshop’s Coral and Cream spot bikini alternates Coral bottom’s with white spots and a white top with Coral spots. For £34, this is a works out to be about the same price as buying the two parts separately from other places. It’s machine washable too so you can just give it a quick wash after wear. The top however does come up small in the reviews on Topshop’s website, so is best to go up a size (as long as your bottoms aren’t going to come off in some hilarious Mr Bean moment).

If you’re splashing out: Seafolly Songbird High Waisted Bikini Bottoms from ASOS, £45. Beautifully patterned, with an interesting design of little cut away pieces down the sides. The blue is absolutely stunning and I love the design of flowers and swallows, it’s one of those pieces that instantly caught my eye. It is handwash only so treat this little number with care! The bottoms are a little pricey with the matching Seafolly Songbird Slide Triangle Bikini Top costing another £47. That’s £92 on a bikini (I told you I fall in love with things out of my price range sometimes). You could however just buy the bottoms and wear with a less expensive plain top? If I could, I would, but I can’t. However if anyone does buy this, you’ll be my hero. 

What will you be wearing on the beach this summer? Do you find yourself similarly self conscious? Are high waisted bikinis for you? Let me know, or show me yours, on here, Twitter @BeccasShopping or Instagram @beccasshoppingblog

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