Hat’s Off to You.

Straw Hat

I bought a Straw Hat.

I love being out and about in the summer. However, after a recent trip to the beach, I remembered just how important it is to keep your head protected from the sun; especially with the festival season upon us. Long days standing out in the sun can lead to dehydration, sunstroke and a painfully burned scalp! You don’t need to think lavish Ascot races headwear; as straw hats are a great way to stay quintessentially English, fashionable and cool (in temperature!) all at the same time. I got mine from Sainsbury’s TU range for £8, and it is decorated with a delicate plastic daisy chain to really get that summery feel.

Because of the neutral colour, you can wear it with anything; a colourful maxi dress and flip flops, shorts and a t shirt, whatever your wardrobe throws at you.  If I could recommend a top purchase for whatever Summer plans you have lined up; it would be a hat.

Other hat’s I’ve seen around which are worth an investment include:
The Bargain hat: Straw hat with a black ribbon round the trim from H&M. £6.99  This hat does the job and doesn’t break the bank.

Becca’s pick:
This hat is gorgeous! It has a wider rim to keep the sun off your face with a large pastel pink flower and black trim. £18 from Very.

 If you want to feel like a celebrity: Try an Oversized Floppy Hat from ASOS. £20. This will guard your head, neck and face from the sun, whilst also making you feel glamorous like Audrey.

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