New Job, New Wardrobe!

Since I’ve last posted – which was way too long ago I’ve been very lucky, and recently landed myself a new job due to start on Monday! Dress for the job you want, not the job you have they say, well… this is the job I want and so I’m determined to impress them. In my interview I actually mentioned my blog, about how I love having this creative outlet, as this blog is much more than just an excuse to shop, it improves my creativity, my writing, photgraphy, I’ve met some great people through it – so really much more than you’d ever think!

To celebrate my new job, in my typical fashion I decided to treat myself to a whole new work wardrobe, head to toe, new make up, everything. Over the years the office look has shifted from the very formal traditional suit look to “smart casual.” Now I wanted to make sure I show my new employers I’m serious about the job and the company so started to worry about how to dress, at my old place we just wore leggings and a dress, it was pretty relaxed, but in a different environment I didn’t want to look scruffy or underdressed! So after raiding most of the shops on the highstreet I have managed to put together my new wardrobe, here’s my take on how to look smart but fashionable at work:

Good Fitting Trousers:

I purchased some lovely skinny fit, navy trousers from Next, they’re such lovely quality. Well fitting trousers are important, long gone are the days from school where the only goal was to try find trousers so wide legged your entire shoe was covered and they go all tatty towards the bottom. Skinny trousers seem to fit my figure well, although I’m far from being skinny.

On Top:

Now for me, blouses seem to gape around the bust, so rather than flash my bra to my new colleagues, I bought a couple of plain sleeveless tops from New look to be teamed up with some beautiful Kimonos. Kimonos are the perfect middle ground between blazer’s and carigans, they’ve got the fitted shape of a blazer without the padding round the shoulders. These pretty patterned Kiminos liven up an outfit with their colourful but gentle patterns.  The material is so light there’s no danger of being hot and sweaty. I’ve also got a few short sleeved tops that can be layered with cardigans on chilly days, but for spring I’ve gone for more pastel shades with soft prints, nothing too bold, I’m finding Mint is very in this season and so have bought a few things in that shade. All f the tops can also be teamed up with blue jeans for dress down occassions.


A couple of Primark pumps are fine for mixing with certain outfits but decided that for this job I wanted a decent pair of shoes – with a handbag to match. Sadly I still can’t afford Laboutin’s, but I’m getting there! So I went to Clarks, I used to think of it as a shop for my mum, but seriously their range of shoes has really grown. I got some beautiful shoes that are leather but with a patent heel! Most importantly they fit really well, outside of the typical high street sizes, they have half sizes and wide fittings. Whereas in most shops I’d pick up a five and make do, I tried on all variations and in the end found that a size 4, wide fit fitted just perfectly, so there’s no danger of falling out or over my own feet! I also bought the handbag from Clarks to match, I feel so grown up, it’s so nice yet stylish at the same time! I haven’t had time to take photos of the latest arrivals but I will and I’ll add them here in the near future.


new wardrobe next fashion kimono Kimono-1 Top-1


So there’s my take on dressing smart for work – some decent tailored trousers, a smart, plain top and a pretty waterful blazer or Kimono and some stylish but comfortable shoes and matching bag! Wish me luck!

What’s your dress code at work, how do you dress?


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