My Michael Kors Bag!

So we’re now in October and I’m STILL posting about holiday stuff! I still have so much stuff and so many purchases to catch up on!

But first; I have a new bag! I love handbags, they’re my weakness, if you hadn’t noticed so far  I have 3 new handbag purchases since my blog started just a few months ago…

This is probably my favourite purchase from of my holiday – my lovely new Michael Kors bag and purse! I’ve wanted an MK bag for ages! I spent about 2 hours in the store, just so unsure of which bag to buy, there were so many, all so beautiful in their own ways, but I had to be sensible and just narrow it down to one.. and then spontaneously through a purse at the last moment!

The Bag!

It’s called a Saffiano satchel;  I am so impressed with the size of this bag- it doesn’t feel too big to carry yet it has an abundance of room in it! It can easily fit everything I need, I even used it as my hand luggage on the plane journey home. It has quite small handles to hang from your forearm, but also comes with a detachable strap (which is engraved with the Michael Kors logo) to wear it over my shoulder for days when it feels a little heavy.

The material is Saffiano leather, which if you hadn’t already guessed is Italian leather (so you know it’s quality), which is patterned in like diagonal almost scratch markings, which makes the leather resistant to stains, scratches and water, which are the last things you want to worry about when forking out for a nice new bag!

The bag is a lovely what I’d describe as Taupe colour (officially called Dune) a versatile and neutral colour to go with various outfits! It is secured by one single zip on the outside, which makes me feel secure when travelling especially on the Tube, keeping the zip closest to my side means no one is getting in. The zip itself, like the clasps on the detachable strap is gold and also engraved with the Michael Kors name. The bag is lined with the Michael Kors logo fabric, and it has an inside zip pocket as well 2 other pockets for your phone and, whatever else you like to carry! (I put my compact in there). Hanging from the handle by a strap of sturdy leather is the famous gold plated MK emblem, which is what makes the bags instantly recognisable even from a distance.

I’ve had a couple of lovely comments from ladies whilst out and about, one lady in Tesco out right turned to her boyfriend and shouted “buy me one of those!” whilst pointing, so that was nice!




The Purse!

The purse is called the Continental flap wallet; which is made from a different material to my bag, this is made from the softest pebbled leather I’ve ever felt in my life!!

I went for the classic brown, because I liked the contract with the large gold MK emblem which matches the one that hangs on my bag.

Inside has the Michael Kors logo stamped on the inside of the flap; it has two sections for notes each with 4 card slots too, and a centre zip section for change. It would have been good if the section for change was better because I always end up with loads but nevertheless I absolutely love it and my friends do too.



Let me know what you think! Do you have a MK bag? or do you have one on your wishlist?  Comment below or tweet me @beccasshopping

  • Lyndsey J

    Wow I am in love. Your bag is gorgeous. My current handbag is Michael kors too, they are amazing. Xxx

    • Becca

      Thank you lyndsey! Do you have photos of yours? I’ve wanted one for well over a year! X

      • Lyndsey J

        I am planning on a blog post about my bag soon :) Yes I lusted over a MK watch for a year bought that, then wanted a bag a year later go it :) xx

  • Ella

    Oh that is a gorgeous bag, in love!


  • Carolin

    I have a MK satchel and an MK Hamilton x

    Caz xx

  • Renata

    Love the handbag! Sooo pretty! I really want to include a MK bag and purse to my Christmas list. x

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