Mixing Patterns!

Things have been a little hectic lately so even though this post is OOTD, it isn’t the outfit of today!  It’s actually my outfit of last Sunday. Some People really don’t like mixing patterns, some friends of mine think it looks very random and uncoordinated, but I like it!

Now this weekend was lovely and sunny, perfect BBQ weather! So perfect we were invited to two! I had a bit of a dilemma on what to wear though. I wanted to wear my blue and white polka dot dress from H&M, it’s my lightweight, pretty, staple summer dress. It’s not too short, and it dips at the back to show off my back tattoo nicely. I also wanted to wear my new purchase however…

I bagged this Kimono whilst accompanying my lovely mum to Matalan, a place I never think to venture to. I thought I might as well see what they had to offer, but not much caught my eye. My mum always says that if there’s ever a clothes equivalent to a diamond in the rough to be found, I will find it somewhere within the store.

Kimono’s have been very popular over the summer. The name Kimono literally means thing to wear, which is fitting, as it’s a great item to just throw on when leaving the house, or to change the look of an outfit.

Although Kimono’s are traditionally made of silk, this one is a sheer fabric. It’s lightweight and has wide sleeves, which makes it really comfortable in the warm weather. It’s they’re a lighter alternative to a cardigan or blazer for people who like to keep their arms covered. I found this stunning black Kimono with red and blue oriental looking flowers, they look a bit like they could be painted in a watercolour. At just £14, this was a good find.

I couldn’t pick between my lovely summer dress and my exciting new purchase, so I chose both. I rocked Japanese flowers and rockabilly polka dots, in one outfit! I teamed them up with my strappy gladiator inspired sandals from Primark.



Kimono Polka dot tress H&M

Primark Gladiator Snadals

Sandals; Primark £10.

I think it worked out okay? Do you? Do you ever mix patterns or are you strict on a one pattern per outfit rule?!

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