How I wear… Cropped Tops

If you’ve been into any high street fashion retailer this Summer, you’d notice that some of the prettiest tops happen to be cropped. Now, I don’t have a washboard stomach, in fact you see that bag of party rings features in my last post Cath Kidston – Mini Haul? Yeah I ate those.

I’m not ashamed that I’m size 12 and I’ll be dammed if that ever stops me wearing things I like! I detest the phrase that anyone is “too fat” for something, because I genuinely believe that fashion should be determined by whatever makes you happy, not by what size you are. I personally don’t feel very comfortable getting my stomach out in public, but for anyone who does, I salute you (and envy your confidence). When I saw my Coral Polka dot cropped dot in New Look, it was love at first sight and one way or another I was going to wear it!

I cannot praise high waisted jeans enough, I’ve fully embraced them from the first day they returned and probably will for the rest of my life. These denim delights are what have saved my ability to wear cropped tops.

With the jeans sitting on my waist just millimetres from where the top ends, the two nicely meet around my midriff keeping me covered. I also double checked how much I would flash someone if I raised my arms in the air waving like a madwoman, it’s minimal, you just get a cheeky glimpse of my tattoo on my rib cage, but I can live with that. So for me this is wonderful news, I can wear the tops I like without feeling uncomfortable! I’d highly recommend them to anyone in a similar position where you’ve found a top you love but are put off by it being cropped.

Jeans? In July? Now, I don’t ever find myself getting too hot in the British Summer, but luckily for me I have high waisted shorts too, also from New Look so the top can be worn with them too on extra sunny days, hoorah!

cropped polkadot top high waisted shortspolkadot top high waisted jeans




  • Rachael

    Such a fab post! You really do not have to have an amazing body to wear crop tops – it’s just how you wear them instead. I like to wear them layered over dresses or with high waisted skirts so I haven’t got my belly out (no-one wants to see that!) There are so many ways to wear them!

    Rachael at

  • Becca

    Thank you Rachel! Oooh I love high waisted skirts! My hips don’t though lol so glad someone else isn’t put off wearing them! Xx

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