Halloween costumes from your own wardrobe!

I love Halloween; sometimes I spend ages designing and making a costume, sometimes I get invited to a party and don’t know what to wear, and there’s nothing worse than going to the party shop the day before Halloween along with all the other people who are also panicking last minute and everything is sold out in your size!

With Halloween looming next weekend, there’s still time to sort out your costume, but if you don’t have the money or the time, here are a few simple costume ideas you can throw together using the contents of your own wardrobe with as little cost as possible. Now, I know I don’t exactly win any prizes for originality, but they are great for last minute ideas, I just then add a little pale make up and some fake blood (£1 in Tesco) to “zombiefy them”:

Lara Croft: My “go to” emergency costume because I already have the long brown hair, but the rest were just things I found in my wardrobe; a vest top, some shorts, aviators and a leather backpack, and then I borrowed the guns from my brother.

Audrey Hepburn: Hair up in a bun, a little black dress, a pearl necklace, big sunglasses and a cigarette (stolen from my dad because I don’t smoke) taped to a pencil!

Amy Whinehouse: Denim shorts,  a white vest top, hair in a beehive with a red bandanna and some drawn on tattoos (the signature blake pocket tattoo especially). If you’ve got a leopard print cardi throw that in the mix too!

A Zombie School girl: White shirt (can easily be picked up from Primark last minute), black skirt and my old school tie, pigtails and lots of blood.

Wednesday Adams: A black dress, my detachable white collar, hair in pigtails and resting bitchface, done.

A Mime: Black top, black leggings, black woolly hat, black and white facepaint (the creepier the better) Simples! Last year in a last minute panic I threw my boyfriends mime outfit together from his wardrobe within minutes and painted his face with paints we already had lying around the house, the hat though, is mine!



What last minute/ budget halloween costumes do you recommend?

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