Disney Fashion!

If you’ve seen my posts from last year about my holiday to Disney (if not catch them here), you’d know it was the best holiday ever! I’m already planning our return trip but it’s looking more likely to be next year than this one because we’ve got so much going on with my new job, friends weddings, babies due in May (friend’s, not ours!) etc.

Never the less I couldn’t help but stock up on some Disney fashion ready for my trip (I just can’t put any weight on!) in Primark of all places!

Check them out!

disney princess t shirt

Okay there’s never been a t shirt more me than this one!

minnie mouse print t shirt

And I already have the minnie mouse ears from my last trip so I’m going to be looking like a proper super fan!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Disney? Do you get into the spirit of things when you go? Should I just wear these now rather than wait for my holiday?!

  • http://nailsmakeupbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ Emma Louise

    Im obsessed with disney, love the princess t x

  • Rachel Marie

    Aw I love Disney stuff! The disney princess top is so cute!

    Rachel Coco

  • Karlistan

    Are these available in children’s sizes too? I know a Munchkin that would just love them!

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