Date Night!

This post will be short and sweet because my boyfriend already thinks I take long enough to get ready! Tonight is date night, it’s out weekly date to keep the romance alive, awh! It’s also National Hot Dog day, so we’re combining the two by going out to an American diner for corn dogs, which for anyone who doesn’t know are Hot dogs deep fried in a lovely batter. We’re great fans of American food, and when we go in September, we’re going to eat EVERYTHING.

I’m rambling, enough about the food, this is about my outfit!

primark playsuit daisy collar
It’s pleasant outside tonight so I’m braving bare legs and wearing this adorable playsuit I found in Primark for just £10! It’s a lovely lightweight material, has a dainty but I don’t think it’s an overly fussy pattern because of the simple colours, and has the addition of the cute collar making it look really smart. I’m feeling this.

I’m teaming this up with a black pair of wedges from New Look, which I haven’t properly worn in yet so I won’t lie and say they’re comfortable. I’m also taking my oversized Cream and black Ted Baker bag. It fits in so much, but I carry around so little. It just works with the look I’m going for tonight.



To finish, I’m teaming up my Tiffany and Co necklace and bracelet, these are my favourite piece of jewellery which I wear everyday. In fact, if I could, I would buy the entire catalogue of Tiffany’s jewellery. I’ve even found the ring from there.

My Infinity bracelet was bought for me by my boyfriend when we weren’t very far into our relationship, but he said he already knew we would be forever, and my necklace was a present from him this Christmas just gone, I love the mini blue heart as an addition to the famous trademark heart pendant. He has good taste, or the ability to see my wishlist, who knows.

ted baker bag wedges



So that is my date night outfit, I would take a photo of me all dressed up and ready to go, but I fear that would make us even later than we already are! Let me know what you think though and next time I’ll plan my getting ready time better!



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