Christmas Shopping OOTD

I love this time of year! I love being warm and snug and I love layering!  Here’s my OOTD worn this weekend out shopping.

My Black sparkly jumper:

I love this jumper, I found it in Primark for just £10, it’s so soft and covered in a bit (but not too much) bling! I teamed this up witha pair of leggings because it’s long enough to cover my bum wore it with  leggings (of the non see-through variety!) and my calf length Rocket dog boots – really sturdy and comfy for long days of walking!

sparkly festive jumper


The super snug Parka coat:

To layer up I wore this with my amazingly warm coat from Miss Selfridge, I actually picked this up for just £15 in last year’s sale, which meant I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet so it’s still technically a new purchase!

Parka’s are guaranteed to be in fashion every year, Khaki goes with everything, the material is versatile and the style is too –  they can be worn with any outfit, dressed up or down and they still look fantastic and keep you warm. I really liked this coat because it didn’t have a hood and it also had the option for the fur around the neck to be detacthed should you not want to wear it one day. Everyone should have a Parka in their wardrobe.


My Tartan scarf:

I love tartan, but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to rock a whole tartan dress – yet… so whilst I build up my confidence I still inject a little tartan love with my scarf from Primark for £4. It stands out amazingly against the Khaki of my coat, and goes with any outfit.

A trapper hat:

When it’s cold we lose most of our heat from our heads, so wearing a snug hat helps us retain this. This hat from New look is so snug! It has fur round the peak, and flaps over my ears (which also guards the joints in my jaw).

Warning: this image contains a selfie!


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