Basic Black Dress Day to Night.

One of my recent purchases is a basic plain black cotton vest dress from H&M for £7.99.basic black dress H&M Day to night

It doesn’t look or sound very exciting? Maybe not, but sometimes the more plain and unexciting a piece of clothing is, the most versatile it will be. The simplicity of this basic black vest dress is what makes it so easy to wear it from day to night.

Now I do always say my style isn’t particularly revolutionary or daring, but I just wanted to share how I would wear it so please be gentle… :) I’m also possibly the worst person in the world to try and “model” any clothing (as you’ll see) but I just wanted to show how I wear my dress and realised that hanging clothes on a coat hanger isn’t always very exciting.

So anyway, like I previously described this is a vest style dress, it’s sleeveless which is great for warm  days and it’s lovely and loose fitting which is great for keeping cool. It comes to just before my knee and has an elasticated waistband which you can sit wherever your waist is, if I sit the elasticated band under my waist it does actually come to my knee,  it just pinches in to create some shape. It’s simple enough to just wear as it is to a day at the beach with a pair of Flip flops. My day to night looks won’t have anyone fooled that it isn’t the same dress, but it just shows that if I’m ever stuck for what to wear, this dress can be used for either occasion.

How I wear it…

 From Day: With my new flowery Kimono, strappy black wedges and a brown leather shoulder bag.

 To Night: With a leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins, a clutch bag and my Iron Fist Lamb shoes!

day to night H&M Basic black dress bblogger

In the day, going out for lunch - It’s comfortable enough to wear in the day because it is such a reasonable length. I love any excuse to wear my new Kimono, and the loose fitting dress woks perfectly with the loose sleeves. Teamed up with my comfortable black Primark wedges, a brown belt round the waistband to emphasis my waist and a brown leather shoulder bag. With my hair down, some natural make up with a high shine lip gloss I feel comfortably smart.

In the night, going out for evening drinks - A simple black dress is always a winner if you don’t know what to wear and one that doesn’t cling to me is perfect as I am not particularly body confident and most of the time feel frumpy and so the simpler and looser fitting the clothing the better I feel. I prefer to wear dresses that are sleeveless for a night out as it can sometimes get a little too warm in our local bar, which is also why I’ve tied my hair into a low side bun, so it keeps it off my neck as things get warmer throughout the night.  I’m wearing it with my favourite leather jacket because apparently in A/W ’14 we will be seeing more black, leather gothic looks, so I thought I’d rock chick it up a bit with a leather jacket, smoky black eye make up and a darker purple lipstick.


To make it more exciting I have teamed it up with my very interesting shoes. Behold my very patterned Iron Fist “lamb chop” shoes!  You’d be surprised how many times I’ve been asked “do you have sheep on your shoes?” to which I causally respond with “yeah, why?”

I originally fell in love with these when I saw the nude and white polka dot bow, there was just something about them that’s very unique and a bit different. I don’t know if you would be able to mix lamb print with any other patterns, so I stick to wearing them with plain things. The heels on these things look scarily high, but are surprisingly comfortable, the height of the heel actually works in my favour as it makes my calves look slightly more toned. With me being so new to all this, I forgot to accessorise it with gold chunky jewellery, but that is how I’d finish off the look.


  • Rachael

    You look lovely in both of those! I have my fair share (about 4) jersey black dresses that I dress up for day and night. They are so versatile and comfortable!
    I love those shoes – I want shoes with sheep on.

    Rachael at

    • Becca

      Thank you Rachael! You can never have enough jersey dresses can you?! The sheep shoes are great but the’re so hard to fit into outfits! x

  • Amy Liddell

    The dress is lovely, so versatile!

    p.s.I have a Ray-Ban giveaway going on on my blog!

  • becca

    Thank you Amy! I shall have to have a look I love Ray-Bans!

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