Super Clean Skin Regime.

Recently I’ve had a nightmare with my skin! I’ve had a change of tablets (which I’ve now requested to change back) but also quite a bit of stress in changing jobs, it’s a big move and so I’ve found that I’ve had break outs a lot more than I had in the past. As well as my changing of tablets I’ve changed my skin regime and found that it’s really helping.

First I give my skin a good cleanse using Neutrogena Grapefruit Visably Clear facial wash- this stuff smells so lovely – and it’s pink! I use this day and night as it makes my skin feel super clear, and doesn’t dry it out. I’ve also treated myself to a cleansing brush – this one is made by Olay, but there are lots of brands out there that sell them in Boots or online ranging anywhere from £25 – £250. It’s battery powered and has 2 speed settings, I use it on the highest one.  It’s soft bristled head cleans right in the pores without my skin feeling sore afterwards, but the bristles pick up dirt and make up that otherwise would have stayed in the depths of my skin! I just give them a rinse with warm water under the tap, it’s recommended to change the head every 12 weeks or so. It makes your skin look noticebly cleaner as it gets in the hard to reach just with soap places. I’d highly recommend buying one if you don’t already just to see how much cleaner your pores look and feel!

olay cleansing brush

clean skin neutrogena grapefruit



To tackle my breakouts I’ve been using Freederm  – at first I thought their products were a little pricey, but I now know why, because they genuinely work! I’ve found the fast track cream if you put it on a spot before it’s emerged, overnight it stops it right in its tracks and stops it actually breaking out! I’ve then been using their daily complex which has noticebly reduced any scarring I had, it also makes my skin so soft! You only need the smallest amount of the daily complex which I cover my cheek and jawline area where my breakouts appear, and the fast track gel again you need just the smallest amount to actually cover the spot – so for the cost of both products they’re actually lasting you for much longer than others you need to use much more generously.

freederm clean skin regime

To moisturise I’ve given my skin a break from my usual ones and instead have been using Neutrogena’s oil- free moisturiser. It too smells of grapefruit and gives my skin the hydration it needs without it feeling greasy from all the products I’ve been using. I’ve still been using my eye cream by No 7 though – don’t neglect your undereyes, ever!

Touch wood I’ve not had any more breakouts for a week or so now, but I’ve got my clean skin products on standby and will definitely stick to this regime for a bit longer.

How do you look after your skin when it’s having a tough time? Do you stick with your old faithful products or do you shake up your regime? What products do you recommend? Have you tried any of the above? Let me know your thoughts on cleansing brushes too! :)



  • Sophie Smith

    I really want a facial cleansing brush but they’re so expensive. I might look into the olay one. I’ve heard good things about the grapefruit cleanser so that’s another on my wish list!

    • Becca

      Hi Sophie – thank you for your comment! I think mine was £29, but I’m sure amazon had a couple even cheaper tab that. I’d definitely advise checking there first. The one I want by Clinique is £80 but it’s exactly the same! :)

  • HushHush

    I have Clarisonic Mia 2, I love it but can’t use it everyday because it breaks me out!

    • Becca

      Wow I did look at that, but I didn’t know how id get on with them, now I know that my skin is okay with it I’d definitely consider the Clarisonic as it’s had some great reviews – shame you can’t use it too often! Xx

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