Lush BB Seaweed Face Mask Mini Review!

lush seaweed face mask

I love a good face mask, running a bubble bath, lighting a candle and just feeling utterly relaxed! This week I tried Lush’s BB Seaweed facemask as a friend very kindly bought me this along with some other Lush goodies for my birthday!

Lush face masks offer a slice of peaceful pampering; made from all natural ingredients and  free from animal testing and cruelty. This particular mask is designed for sensitive skin and is meant to soothe, moisturise and reduce redness.

 The mask includes ingredients such as Seaweed, Rose and Aloe Vera to soothe and soften the skin; as well as Kaolin for removing excess oils.

The Price: £6.25 for 75g from Lush stores.

The Product: Inside the simple black plastic tub, the mask itself doesn’t look too exciting, grey and goopy with lumps of seaweed.

I know it lives in the fridge so forgive me for stating the obvious but wow is it cold when you first put it on! It definitely makes you feel awake! Apply generously and sit back to let the ingredients work their magic. The smell when it’s on your face is mostly of Rose with a hint of Aloe Vera and Rose, it doesn’t smell sea-weedy as I expected it to!

As the mask tightens you can feel it pulling the impurities from your skin, not so much it leaves your skin feeling dry; it did however work wonders on a blemish I had on my cheek, drying it right out.

After 10 minutes wash off with warm water and tadaa! Super soft, super clean feeling skin! I found my skin felt soft and silky immediately  after and the redness I often get around my nose area had lessened, just as promised on the tub.

Overall I really like this product, it smells great, it made my skin feel and look noticebly nicer and it’s made from natural products. A winning facemask.  

What I liked: Leaving my skin feeling feeling soft, clean and glowing with no allergic reactions.

What I’m not so keen on: It has quite a short shelf life at just 4 weeks - I think I’ll struggle to use the whole tub in time.

How do I score it?: 8/10

Would I buy this product again?: Yes, I would, but I’d also like to try the other masks too!

  • Jordan Piper

    Oh this sounds interesting, must pick it up to try next time I’m in Lush x

    Jordan |

    • Becca

      Thanks Jordan! I really like it, especially if you have sensitive skin x

  • Amy’s Corner

    Great review, sounds really good. Loved the cold comment too ;)

    • Becca

      Thanks Amy! I know it’s daft but I
      Put it in and squeeled oooh it’s cold! And my boyfriend said “it came from the fridge!” Doh x

  • Serene Kurd

    Such a lovely review, thank you!



    • Becca

      Thanks Serene I’m glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to checking out your blog in the morning :) xx

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