Fine Hair Friendly, Dry Shampoo.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

My hair is fine, really fine, partly down to an iron deficiency. I’m forever trying new products  to try and thicken it or techniques to try and make it look thicker. Hair clips for a beehive? Slide out! Backcombing? Drops out. This post isn’t a revolutionary fix to our fine hair fears; it is just simply to highlight a product that really helps with my confidence issues surrounding my hair on the off chance there are other people similar to me who struggle with having fine hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo; this stuff is one of my beauty essentials that I could never live without.

When my hair is freshly washed it looks slightly thicker, healthier and happier. The problem is that this lustrous look doesn’t last for long; in fact sometimes just hours later it starts to look flat. By day 2, although it doesn’t feel or look dirty and so doesn’t necessarily need washing, it’s limp; which makes it look really thin, and this is when my self esteem plummets. I’ve always been told not to wash my hair everyday especially with it being so fine.

Years ago, I bought dry shampoo for a festival where I couldn’t wash it. I used it happily but never thought of it again. Then recently, whilst stressing over my hair one day, I thought, why don’t I use dry shampoo again, but on a more regular basis?

So I’ve started using this on a daily basis, even if my hair is freshly washed, just a quick spray which gives my roots a real boost of volume and injects some texture. It’s certainly more noticeable that it’s worked it’s magic, where most people might take it for granted. There are lots of products that promise to do these things, but when your hair is already fine, they usually just weigh it down and make it look thinner at the roots, and so I never find they are very “fine hair friendly”. This has meant being able to go from needing to wash my hair everyday purely so it doesn’t look thin, to going for about 3 days between washes, with no worries of feeling embarrassed or paranoid.

What I like best is that the dry shampoo actually holds the clean, thicker looking style all day. So this shampoo isn’t just my quick fix for cleaning my hair, but my volume boosting spray and my texturing spray all rolled into one. I spray it mostly on my roots, and then if I’m going to do a particular style with clips, spray and rub a bit into that area to help the grips stay put.

I have used a few different types, all made by Batiste. One which is especially for dark brown hair which blends into the roots, one which has pink flowers all over the can with a “fresh” scent. The current one (photographed) also by Batiste, I bought because the packaging caught my eye (I do love cherries), and has a sweet, fruity smell. Even though this sprays white, it isn’t noticeable on my roots, as you have to ensure you spray a good few inches away, work it in using fingertips and then leave for a minute or so before brushing and styling, the white powder dissolved almost instantly.

I do get through cans quickly because I use this so sparingly, but at £2.99 it doesn’t break the bank. There are loads of different variants, all with their own uniquely pretty can. The next one on my list to try is “XXL Volume, Big & Bouncy”, to see if this has an even better effect on my locks. Either way I’m really happy with this hair helper and it is by far an absolute beauty essential of mine.

If you have thin hair I’d definitely recommend giving this a try for both a hair and a self esteem boost! Batiste Dry Shampoo really does help when other products that claim they will, don’t. Like I said, this isn’t a revolutionary new way to use a product, more just that I’m a bit late to the party, and wanted to make sure no one else misses out!

Have you tried dry shampoo to boost your fine hair? Or do you have any products that you find really help?  Fine doesn’t have to mean flat. 

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