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Someone wise once told me “It’s never too soon to start taking care of your skin,” and my mum is always right. Unfortunately until my early 20′s, I didn’t have much of a routine or money due to the student life. Once I left university, and began working, I began finding it easier to take care of my skin.  It is however an area I’m still quite under educated about, and so I would be intrigued to hear more about what other people use to! Is the most expensive products always the best?

Facial:  Morning:

I start by waking my skin up with a cool wash and Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Scrub (Boots £3.79) This scrub noticeably made my skin look and feel smoother and clearer after just a few days of using it. You only have to you a small amount, yet it goes far. A must have for all bathroom cabinets. Next I cleanse my skin using Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes. I often find these on offer of 3 for 2 in my local supermarket, which is when I bulk stock up! These wipes are key to my routine. They remove any excess make up that may be left, such as stubborn mascara panda eyes, and clears away any excess residue the scrub may have missed. Because after using the scrub my pores feels unblocked, the cleansing feels refreshing. Simple products are wonderful because they don’t contain harsh chemicals or perfumes, which usually irritate my eyes and skin. These simply do their job and leave my skin feeling clean and happy. I tone with No 7 Soft and Gentle Toner, (Boots £8.00) which again is alcohol and fragrance free. To Moisturise, I use No7 Protect and Perfect range I start with No7 Youthful Eye Serum (£19.50 from Boots) followed by No7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream(£22 from Boots). The cost does seem a little steep, but this is because they are from the anti ageing range, and so in a desperate attempt to control my fear of wrinkles I pay a little extra and pray they work. I find these products lovely to use, really lightweight, they don’t make my skin greasy, and they do last for a long time. I have some very fine lines around my eyes, but the other areas seem fine, so maybe they are working their magic? I’d love to know what other moisturisers people recommend, and would you say anti ageing ingredients are really key?

Night time:

Usually as soon as I get home from work, I clamber onto my bed and remove my make up. Oh it feels so good. I remove my make up and cleanse with my Simple face wipes, and then use No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum (Boots, £23.99) and then No7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream (£22). The advanced serum is supposed to tackle fine lines, and leaves my skin feeling really smooth. The night cream again doesn’t make my skin greasy, and helps hydrate my skin whilst I sleep. So that’s my skin care, like I said I’m always happy to hear what other people use or think, is there more I should be doing to look after my skin? I also try and drink as much water as possible throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated.


Once a week I use Dirty Works Detox Mask (£5 from Sainsburys), which leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean. It smells amazing, it makes my skin feel noticeably better and it lasts for so long because you don’t need too much to use. I really like Dirty Works products, they use a good mix of skin friendly ingredients and not to mention their pretty eye catching packaging; which is a reason why brands such as Soap and Glory and Benefit are high amongst my favourites too.

dirty works face mask simple cleansing wipes



My love for the Soap and Glory brand goes back years, since 2007 when they were still quite new in the shops around my area. Their packaging instantly caught my eye. I may have mentioned before but I do like anything with a sense of 1950′s style, and so the pretty pink packaging with pin up girls and witty names had me instantly sold. Luckily, their products were every bit as good as their pretty packaging so they do not disappoint.  I already use a couple of pieces from their Make up range (see my article Essentials: Inside My Make up Bag).

On my hands, to keep them soft after 8 hours of typing a day, I use Hand Food (£5). This hand cream is lightweight, smells beautiful and keeps my hands feeling hydrated and soft for ages. For silky soft feet, I treat my tootsies to highly recommended Heel Genius (£5.50). This product comes to my rescue when sandal season approaches, after months of hiding my feet away in socks all winter.

If you haven’t yet tried any Soap and Glory products it may be worth trying out the miniatures to see which ones you like best. They’re guaranteed to smell lush and fit nicely inside your beauty budget.

soap and glory hand foot heel genius

So what do you use to take care of your skin? What products do you religiously use and recommend? Let me know on Twitter @BeccasShopping or Instagram @beccasshoppingblog :) 

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