Sunkissed Locks; Gradual Lightening Cream.

This product one was the result of one of my spontaneous “I don’t need this but I’m intrigued so I’ll buy it” moments I’m famous for amongst my friends and family. I hadn’t even read the box entirely before thinking “maybe I’ll see what it does”.

Sunkiss Jelly Lightening cream

When I was younger, my hair would lighten through spending all day playing out in the sun.  I don’t know if anyone remembers Sun-In from the ’90s? Well, I have a very fond memory of my mum wanting to lighten her hair too, but having to work all day she opted to try Sun-In, which was.. a gingery disaster to say the least. Now that it’s my turn to sit in an office all day, my hair doesn’t see the sun to lighten, and so when I realised that the product I bought was very similar, I worried at the thought of the same happening to me.

So for £4.99, I purchased the Sunkiss Jelly cream.


It says that it can lift you hair by a few shades within 3 uses, so it’s gradual yet progressive at the same time. It did say on the box for natural hair only… which mine isn’t, in fact, my hair was last dyed “soft black” by Olia. Nevertheless with my curiosity getting the better of me, I just didn’t expect results as effective as it says on the box.

The cream contains peroxide, but no ammonia, so it doesn’t have that eye watering smell to it, and it’s enriched with camellia oil which helps to keep your hair feeling soft. It can be applied to either dry or wet hair and doesn’t need to be washed out, you can either leave it in, or to intensify the effect add heat from the sun, or a hair-dryer.  I didn’t like the idea of blow drying my already dry hair as that’s just a frizzy mess waiting to happen, so I opted for the wet hair approach after a shower. The cream is a nice texture, not too runny but enough to spread generously throughout the hair using gloves. I left it in for a few minuets before drying my hair. From the first use, I noticed a little difference, but I didn’t expect to.

After 3 uses, which is what I managed to get out of the entire tube; having decided to use the product quite sparingly due to my hair being darker than recommended, I saw golden tones coming through. Overall, my hair looks natural, and about 2 shades lighter, but with a lovely golden shine to it. It looks more summery and warmer, I’m genuinely really happy with it, and it isn’t dry or fragile. I didn’t think to take before and after photos because I didn’t expect much from it. Having applied the product all over, it’s created natural highlights and a blend of tones, but no bright gingery streaks I initially feared.

I don’t know if I want to buy a second tube to see how much lighter it would go?

Would I recommend this product?:  I’m glad I tried it and I’d definitely recommend it if you wanted to add a little golden glow to your locks whilst the sun’s here.

Thanks for reading! x

  • Rachael

    I really want to try this! I have naturally blonde hair and kind of want to ombre it but I don’t want the whole permanent thing. I’m always so tempted by it when I see it in the supermarket and hope it gradually fades as well as gradually brightening!

    Rachael at

    • Becca

      Thanks Rachel! I know it says permanent but I know what you mean I think it will fade especially with washing. I really want ombré hair too! I keep debating whether to buy another box of it! X

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