Beautiful Brushes!


I do like new make up brushes, all soft and clean, sometimes they’re as exciting as buying new make up. They can also sometimes be just as expensive.

The other day in Boots, these beautiful brushes caught my eye, made by EcoTools. They are pretty, natural looking and they have incredibly soft bristles. I purchased the Flawless Face set and thought I’d give them a try to share with you all.   Now, I’m afraid I’m not an expert in this area, as up until last year I was still using my hands to apply foundation (I know, I’ve been told off many times for it). So I’m afraid I can’t offer any expert hints and tips, but I can tell you how I use each brush, and how much I like them!

Firstly, the look: I loved the colourful patterned rims round the brushes off set against the natural bamboo handles, making each one a little different to the rest in the set, which is handy for me in remembering which brush is which! As well as the beautiful brushes, the packaging of the product is also outstanding, it opens out like a book, displaying each brush neatly in it’s place. If you wanted to take your brushes away with you this would be a sure way to take them without fear of damaging them, and the box doesn’t take up much room at all.

Secondly, the company ethos: Here’s the important information that sets EcoTools apart from other brushes; They’re environmentally friendly! They’re made from recycled aluminium ferrules, bamboo handles and are 100% cruelty free, which I really like. Sometimes seeing “organic” or “cruelty free” products can mean they cost more but these brushes are such a good price for their value.

Thirdly, the product! If you’re quite new to using make up brushes they’re a good starting point because they actually tell you inside the box which brush is used for what. Better still, at just over a tenner for five brushes they are inexpensive, but not so inexpensive that the bristles come out in your foundation, that’s just down right annoying.

The brushes this set comes with include:

1. Flat Concealer Brush
2. Buffing Concealer Brush
3. Precision Foundation Brush
4. Complexion Blending Brush
5. Full Powder Brush

Even though I mentioned earlier that each brush is a different colour, it also has the name of the brush on the other side to the one with the brand name, which again will help you remember if you do not want to keep the packaging.


1. Flat Concealer Brush. 2. Buffing Concealer Brush. 3. Precision Foundation Brush.

The Flat Concealer Brush.

I use this under my eye area to apply my concealer and around any blemishes that may appear. The head of the brush is quite small and flat and so I find it easy for precision.

The Buffing Concealer Brush.
I use this, well as it’s named to, to buff my concealer in and to make it look a bit smoother, especially as my concealer is Benefit’s industrial strength concealer, so sometimes it can look a bit obvious where I’ve slapped it on. This brush just blends the edges between my concealer and foundation for a smoother transition.

The Precision Foundation Brush.
I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation, it helps me get a neat finish round my eye and nose area.

The Complexion Blending Brush.

This brush is a bit bigger than the previously discussed one and so I think it’s great for covering my cheek and forehead area with the rest of my liquid foundation. Even though EcoTools says to use this brush after you’ve put your foundation on, I find I can put my foundation straight on with it and no need for buffing or blending, it seems to do it  as you apply your make up anyway!

Sometimes for speed, instead of using the two brushes mentioned, I use my Real Techniques foundation brush to apply the rest of my foundation, it’s a bigger surface to spread my foundation with, and so I can do it quicker.

The Full Powder Brush.
This is my favourite of the brushes, it’s so full and soft. I use this to apply a quick coat of Max Factor Infinity Powder for a flawless Matte finish to my skin.


4. Complexion Blending Brush. 5. Full Powder Brush.

If I could have wished for one more brush in the set, a retractable blusher brush would have been great! You can buy one separately within the EcoTools range, which again is pretty inexpensive, but I haven’t because I still have my Real Techniques one for now. Some may find that the Full Powder brush is absolutely fine for blush; as much as I love it, I put my blush on a tad heavy to contour my cheekbones that I just don’t think this brush would have the strength for. If I ever feel like trying a more subtle blusher look I shall definitely try this brush for that.

So, to summarise…
The pros of these brushes outweigh the cons by miles. I’ve seen a couple of reviews of these brushes complaining about the size of them. For me, the size of them isn’t much of an issue, except for the foundation brush, so that’s my one con. For pros,  the price I think is just incredible for value, the fact they are really soft, the bristles don’t shed, they’re great for precision and they’re eco friendly.

Overall I score these brushes a very pleasing 8/10. The only reason the score isn’t a bit higher is because of the size on two of the brushes, but I’m still really pleased with them.

Would I recommend this product?: You bet! They live up to their name and leave your make up looking and feeling flawless!

  • Alisha H

    I have these brushes as well AND did a blog post including them! Haha x

    • Becca

      Good taste! They’re good brushes :) I’ll check your post. I noticed you mention a lot of products I absolutely love! Xx

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