Shake, Rattle and Roll.

For those who don’t know me, my love for the 40′s and 50′s stems back to my childhood. Since then I’ve fallen in love with so many aspects of those two decades, from the clothing  the music to Spam sandwiches. I also love the states, it’s one of my favourite places in the world, and I’m going again next month to Florida, which I’m super excited for.

So last night I went out for dinner at a place that combines my favourite food with my favourite era- the OK Diner. Located on the A1, a long aluminium building with a neon sign out front, very American. It plays 50′s music, has pink and turquoise leather seats as well as some amazing pieces of artwork such as posters to Elvis concerts, street signs and film posters. I particularly enjoyed the cardboard Humphrey Bogart I sat next to quoting Casablanca.

casablanca 50s diner

The food at this place was amazing. Myself and my 3 friends all opted for milkshakes, Cookies and cream, Mint Choc chip, Peanut butter cup and Banana so we could all try each others. They give you an authentic milkshake glass and then a separate aluminium cannister, more milkshake than one person would ever need and it’s a challenge to finish.

For mains there was a good selection of various burgers and hotdogs, I opted for a stack of pancakes with bacon and syrup, but still took a bite of my boyfriend’s pulled pork bu
rger, heavenly. It’s a great atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food. Overall the kind of place I would love to live in.

bacon pancakes milkshake 50s diner

american 50s diner

So that’s my evening at an American ’50′s diner, if you’re ever passing by an OK diner, be sure to pop in!

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