How I blog on a busy schedule…

So I’m just under a month into my blogging journey, which I’m really enjoying but it certainly is tiring! Unfortunately my full time occupation isn’t writing about things I love, I really wish it was! My spending habits are actually fuelled by my day job and then I run my blog in any spare moment I get. I know there are lots of other people who also spend their time divided between their blog and work, college or family commitments, which I really admire because it shows passion and dedication!

So here’s how I blog on my busy schedule…

My trusty notepad.

I love organising, making lists, making plans; not just for my blog, but for my life. I keep my notepad on me at all times, and whenever an idea pops into my head for an article, I jot it and whatever ideas surrounding it down quickly. I then use any spare time (such as a lunch break) to develop them further.

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Dedicating time.

When I get home from work, I cook and get any bits that need doing out the way, but then I dedicate as much of my spare time as possible to my blog, whether its drafting articles for the future or writing something to publish that night, researching or even just planning. I stay up later at night than I did before, and at the weekends I try and use as much time as possible to blog. My boyfriend is extremely understanding because he runs his own gaming blog ( so we’ll often sit on the sofa both on our laptops discussing what we’re writing about.

Split my time between social media and articles.

It’s important to remind people that you’re still here as there is a lot of competition and so using social media is a great way to do that, whether it’s just remdining people of your blog link, or partaking in conersations with others, it’s still building your presence. Although I do self promote a little bit mainly on twitter, I also use it to interact with other bloggers, after all we’re all in this community together so it’s good to meet like minded people! I spend some time each evening on Bloglovin to catch up and read other people’s blogs too, you can’t expect readers if you’re not a reader yourself!  There are an abundance of social media platforms to pick from, but as my time is limited I ocassionally use Instagram but mostly use twitter due to the sheer volume of people that use it. This leads me to my next point…

Scheduling tweets.

Being at work from 8.30 – 17.00 (plus about an hour travelling) if I only tweeted when I am free I’d be quite limited to my audience and like the traffic in getting home, would be hitting a twitter rush hour. I do tweet throughout the day but I can’t spend a lot of time on my phone, and so I pre schedule a couple of my tweets every couple of days. Although I wouldn’t advise going over board on scheduling tweets, otherwise you won’t necessarily be talking about things that are relevent or be able to check and respond to any replies, scheduling a couple of tweets a day in between your genuine ones is a good way to remind people of a recent post they may have missed. Websites such as Buffer and Future tweets are great for this.

Photograph everything.

With me working throughout the day my daylight hours for producing the photographs for my posts limits me. I love my camera, I don’t spend enough time with it, so whenever I can I photograph my new purchases as soon as I get them home, as well as all sorts of things that I think I could use at that some point, that way if I do put up a post like tonight where I’ve sat down to write this at 8pm and it’s too dark for photos, I’ve still got a couple of potential images.

 Love what I’m writing about. 

I do find that writing about the topic I love definitely helps, as it’s easier to find inspiration and enthusiasm for even when I’m tired. I’m always excited to write about what I’ve bought, what I like, what I’m wishing for. Receiving positive feedback from others definitely helps too as that then encourages me to keep going! I know that sometimes when you feel like you’re writing to an audience of one (in my case my loyal mum) it makes you wonder if it’s all worth it, but although you might not feel like you have a large following, more people are probably reading your work than you think.

I’m always looking to meet new bloggers so if you have a blog, especially in between your busy work, school or family life, let me know! You can leave a comment on here, or tweet me @beccasshopping.

  • karen_

    Great tips, I’d be lost without my notebook! :)


    • Becca

      Thanks Karen! Me too, I have one for blog, one for work and one for just life! They’re the personal assistant I wish I had! Xx

  • Becca

    Thanks Karen! Me too, I have one for blog, one for work and one for just life! They’re the personal assistant I wish I had! Xx

  • Rachael

    Brilliant tips! It’s so easy blogging at the moment when I just have a few hours at work and the entire evening to myself. I’m definitely getting more organised for when uni starts though – I have a new notebook ready!

    Rachael at

    • Becca

      Thank you Rachael! Your blog is just amazing I know you’ll be able to keep it up when you’re at uni! Can never have enough notebooks! I’m going to post my tips for uni life this week so hopefully you’ll see that post too :) xx

      • Rachael

        Ah, I’ll keep an eye on it! Looking forward to it :)

  • Emmajane

    I’ve a busy year ahead of me, so I will most defianetely be organise my blog too! X

    • Becca

      Good luck with your busy year EmmaJane! I’ll follow your blog when I get home X

  • Becca

    Rachel your blog is just amazing I know you’ll be able to keep it up! Can never have enough notebooks!

    Emma jane good luck with your busy year! X

  • Loveonceuponadream

    Great tips :)

    I work a full time job as well so I also need to schedule time to get articles written in the evening/weekend.

    I usually write notes on my phone or email any ideas to myself to remind myself of anything that pops into my head when I’m on the go but always use notebooks too


    • Becca

      Thank you! I love your blog! It’s tough on a full time job but it’s great you have time for it. Do you dedicate the same evenings every week? xx

  • Hannah Webster

    So much great advice, I definitely need to get more organised with my blogging, like you I wish it was all I had to do!

    • Becca

      Thanks Hannah! It is tough to know where to start but even by just trying to plan articles makes it much less stressful. Maybe one day we can blog full time when we’re retired! lol x

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